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Weronika Kacperski Art & Jewelry

I'm an intuitive Artist. More than see the colours, I feel them. This is probably why I fell in love with watercolours. There's something incredibly soothing and inspiring in watching and feeling how the paint flows freely on the surface. The creative process of painting with watercolors feels like team work. Together we make the painting happen; we've got to be in sync to tell the story with a few brushstrokes and no words. My Artwork is a mix of fine art, modern art, contemporary art, japanese art and zen art. I take my inspiration from my experience of life and world.

My Art Collectors and my jewelry Customers affirm that my artwork makes them feel better. Be it healing energy or simply similar sensitivity and taste, it's probably the most rewarding, motivating and heartwarming feedback I could ask for as an Artist.

My work, both painting and jewelry making, bring me to this wonderful light and bright, nearly meditative state. Creative expression comes from a place of pure love, and ...  

... without Love, there is nothing ...

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