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I'm an Artist Painter, a woman who enjoys the feminine. Colours... portable brushes, papers, and palettes in my pockets. And a smile.

I like to think of my days as blank sheets of watercolor paper, and the things ahead are colours on my palette. Sometimes some really beautiful things get created gently, patiently,  joyfully, and playfully. Some other times, oh you know, a muddy mess happens.

Whatever the outcome, the journey is so much more enjoyable when we brighten up our days with pretty shiny things. I love earrings (along with all the other small and big things that I love). One day an idea of having my own brand of carefully handcrafted bright-colored, smart, boho, and easy-to-combine pieces of jewellery came up. The mission: to add extra sparkle to every day. This is how CristalChic Jewellery was born.